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Well that came out of the blue.  And black, red and white.

I never believed Red Peak stood a show.  But it was heartening to be part of a movement many Kiwis got behind, showing passion and creativity and patriotism.  It has been a simple celebration of our identity, of our country, owned by us, and not the big wigs.  And a win for good design, refreshing to see.  All too often as a designer, a client wants more ‘wow’ – and ‘more’ is always .. less.

To be honest we can be a pretty laid back bunch, lumping bad decisions by our politicians.  If anything it’s heartening that speaking out, and signing a seemingly pointless petition can actually make a difference.  Maybe in the future we will be more proactive in what goes on in our country.

Does Red Peak stand a chance?  Obviously a much better chance than the ‘chosen four’.  I’m sure many of us will think hard before ticking that box.  But we have a real choice now.  The weetbix packet designs have a real flag to contend with.

I’m sure the Red Peak will fly around the country and stadiums regardless of the result.  And after seeing the many designs and images related to the design, even in the new All Black haka, I think we’ve established the triangle as a strong symbol in our collective identity.

Well done everyone who lent their voice to a very DIY kiwi moment.