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Well here we suddenly are, 2015.  And February already.

But the Origins Kickstarter project has come back to top a memorable 2014, being voted best deck of the year and a list of other awards at United Cardists, and tying for best deck at the Playing Card Forum.  I’m surprised and very thankful for all the support.  These could easily have gone to any number of amazing decks through the year and I’m just honoured to be dropped amongst such talented artists.

I’ve learned a lot about the industry and made many new acquaintances and friends.  I’d planned to decide on another project based on the response to the Origins decks, and now after a reboot and some time just enjoying being a Dad, I’m looking forward to getting back into the design.  A year can fly by, time to get moving.

Thank you again to all who got behind the project and took the time to get in touch.  You made a good year great.  On to new things.  Here’s to 2015, have an amazing one.