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Build your own iPod Shuffle

Of course not all of us can afford to indulge in the god given goodness that is the Apple Ipod.  But any one of us can experience the awesome technocoolness that comes with walking down the street and watching as cars collide and hot blondes walk into power poles, seeing the perfect white demigod at your side.

Well now you can come close to the world of the accepted.  Build your own Shuffle!  While it may not have all the same features as an original Ipod, I’m sure you’ll agree it will give you an edge in the society of cool.

Step 1.  Visit Apple website and print a page featuring the awesome Shuffle.


Step 2.  Cut out said image, ensuring it is as close to life size as possible


Step 3.  Source a piece of corrugated cardboard for use as backing and cut around Shuffle shape – MAKE SURE the grooves line up with the Ipods plug hole – IMPORTANT


Step 4.  Glue the Shuffle shape to cardboard.  You may need to sellotape the extension for extra stability..


Step 5.  Find a suitably Ipod like pair of headphones


Step 6.  Plug your headphones in, and viola, in less than 10 minutes and at a far lower cost, you have your own passport to serious coolness.  Congratulations!  Please note, music will not play on this version of the Ipod, nor will you be able to download songs from your computer.