Web / Design

I’ve been a creative in the dynamic world of web design for many years, creating art for everything from simple one page sites to complex content driven beauties.  Overall, I’ve been devoted to quality design for 25+ years.  Phew.

Trends in site design are constantly evolving as new technologies and tastes drive our browsing needs and desires.  While sites were once loaded with distracting animation and advertising, the welcome trend is now toward clean well structured content.  Content being the key factor.  Quality design places style and colour in a complimentary role to quality well formatted information.  With a well built base, the designer can then begin to enhance the presentation of what makes the site worthwhile.  So before I undertake any design work for a site, I review the content and copywriting with my client.

My past web design has been featured online in examples of high quality web design, and my traditional design has been well received with awards in a Sony International product design competition, and earning a travel scholarship for editorial design.

Hamilton Zoo

Designing the look and feel of the Hamilton Zoo site was a real treat.  With a ton of interesting quality content to explore, I worked together with the Zoo staff to create a family friendly site that offered easy to access detailed information on the zoo animals and their carers, and equally important information on getting to the Zoo and enjoying a fantastic day out.  Note – do the One on One with the Lemurs.  It’s a blast.

Visit HamiltonZoo.co.nz

Hamilton Museum

The re-design of the Hamilton Museum site was a major undertaking, primarily due to the amount of in-depth content in the site.  After a full review and restructure of the site content, the data was ported into a new management system for careful reformatting.  With a focus on large home page imagery and easy signposting links to the main content areas, the site features an integrated online store and a large base of information on the museum’s past and present collections.

Visit HamiltonMuseum.co.nz